Meet C-LOG

Digitising the

Maritime Industry

A fast-growing start-up focusing on enabling dynamic, transparent and secure data collaboration among stakeholders in the maritime industry

Harbour with cranes

Our mission for maritime greatness

We believe that interorganizational collaboration is the key to safety and rapid innovation in the maritime industry.

For this purpose, we verify and manage ID and credentials efficiently across stakeholders without compromising security and data privacy.

Our impact

Addressing various administrative and cybersecurity challenges at once our pioneering platform paves the way for secure, automated and transparent documentation management through shared data and AI.

Ultimately making the maritime industry safer and more efficient.

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Our specialities

A digital platform unifying unstructured data.

Leaving behind manual workload and administrative logistical challenges.

Fraud Prevention

Ensuring authenticity of documents and validation of identities to ensure tamper-proof certificates.

Military-Grade Encryption

Storing data with military-grade credential encryption based on blockchain.

Privacy Compliance

Lowering the cost for data-privacy protection without compromising data security with respect to GDPR and PDPA.

Universal ID

Enhancing industry-wide collaboration by establishing one platform with one integrated ID solution shared between all stakeholders.

Automated Verification

Eliminating third party verification requests via M-ID self-service verification.

Secure Data Sharing

Sharing real time data simply and secure through API integrations to issuers and employers built on blockchain-enabled infrastructure.