C-LOG has made its way to one of the world’s leading maritime hubs, Singapore.

After traveling back and forth from our Copenhagen office to Singapore many times during 2019 meeting all kinds of maritime stakeholders and industry experts, our founders Martin Nielsen (CTO) and Kristina Lynge (CEO) will now be taking lead of our new headquarters in Singapore.

The big decision to move to the island city-state has already been made in the early beginnings of C-LOG, considering our mission to connect and collaborate with maritime stakeholders around the world improving conditions for seafarers globally. While our Copenhagen office remains to be significant in terms of our connection to the European markets & partners, our new HQ in the heart of Asia will enable us to access the region’s rapidly expanding markets and establish a presence in an international centre for maritime business and thriving industry ecosystem. 

A vibrant maritime hub & ecosystem

“Every 2-3 minutes, a ship arrives or leaves Singapore” – making the port of Singapore one of the “World’s Busiest Transhipment Hub”.

Within this growing and prospering region, all strategic maritime interests lead to a thriving ecosystem called Maritime Singapore which employs 170,000 people in over 5,000 maritime establishments. 

Owed to Singapore’s status as a robust, vibrant and advanced business environment which is underpinned by the country’s political and economic stability, strategic location and highly skilled talent pool with excellent technology capabilities, it is home to more than 140 of the world’s top shipping groups and various companies offering maritime services and products. On these grounds, we consider the relocation of C-LOG headquarters to Singapore as the ideal choice to seize significant opportunities for us to network with an established ecosystem of shipping companies and maritime service providers to flourish our business. 

As one of the oldest industries, there is no doubt that the maritime world is ripe for new solutions & innovation. We believe that our shared platform for secure digitisation and stakeholder collaboration meets a growing market demand to leverage new technologies which require interorganisational cooperation & partnerships. Where else could we promote this more efficiently than in Singapore as a premier connecting maritime hub and gateway to Asian Markets. 

We’re excited about growing our business and look forward to developing a network here!