The Platform for Secure Digitisation

A seamless way of handling crew ID and documentation digitally.

Secure, transparent and efficient data collaboration made simple.

Get to know our platform

C-LOG provides a secure, decentralized, blockchain-enabled platform

for certificate issuers, individuals and employers to store, manage & verify academic and professional certifications and credentials.

Bringing trust and transparency in data collaboration

through the use of our blockchain technology and AI based data validation and security.

Ensuring data quality and privacy

by front-loading security: verifying identities and credentials using a unique identifier.

Linking the ecosystem

through seamless integration to your existing systems and secure connections to maritime stakeholders allowing for closer industry-wide collaboration.

Reducing administrative workload

by digitizing your current paper-based crew documentation and automating compliance with specific vessel requirements and international regulations.

What we do


The next-generation ID

Creating the global, digital seafarer

ID & credential management made simple with our free and universal distributed maritime ID in a personal wallet. All of your documentation in one secure place, compliant with privacy and process regulations and ready to be shared with your employer.

About the Platform

The platform addresses the validation of ID authenticity and certificates to pioneering data collaboration through a repository that all maritime stakeholders can access.
The objective is to enable HR functions using crew data in a more efficient and trusted manner than is done today.

Kristina LyngeCEO & Co-Founder

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